Cancellation Procedure

Cancellation of any booking must be received in writing and acknowledged by Afro Trek Safaris. If a booking is cancelled with the consent of Afro Trek Safaris, the latter shall retain the full deposit.

  Should a person cancel a safari and cannot find an immediate replacement:  
  1. If Afro Trek Safaris has 4 weeks or more notice, only the deposit is forfeited.
  2. If Afro Trek Safaris has less than 4 weeks notice, the deposit and in addition a cancellation fee will be payable by the client as follows:
    - 31-22 days 40% of total amount
    - 21-15 days 60% of total amount
    - 14-0 days 100% of total amount 
  3. If you fail to join a safari or join it after departure, or leave it prior to its completion, no reimbursement whatsoever will be made.